so i was thinking today....(it only hurt a little)

if i won the lottery, i would hire someone every once in a while to follow me around with an 'applause' sign and a recording of a canned laugh track....wouldn't that be a HUGE confidence booster! 
(i had to throw out the drummer with the rim shot-
logically it would be cumbersome to lug around the drum set)  

what 'silly' indulgence would you spluge on if you won the lottery....?
you know- the only you'd do just for the story telling/bragging rights....


  1. I'd hire a chauffeur because I hate driving!

  2. I'd buy the house across the street and evict them.

  3. okay vivki with no W, you comment only leds me to the next question: WHY?

  4. 1. They barely maintain the yard.
    2. Three teenagers who make racket all hours of the night. (Twin girls and an older boy.)
    3. Parents who leave them alone for the weekend and then the party starts, which leads to:
    4. Cans and bottles along the curb.
    Shall I continue.....?

  5. nope- but what you could do before buying the house and evicting them is to hire the sargent guy from Full Metal Jacket for the weekend to issue justice on them....

    it would be fun to watch....


  6. I would buy a cabin in the woods on a lake in the mountains!!!!

  7. Hmmm, something simple for me. Two things, I'd get a housekeeper AND I'd get one on one lessons from DOODLEBUG !!!! Glenda

  8. Shannon..you have way too much time on your hands. You better continue with the spring cleaning. No more thinking for today...okay?

  9. Shannon the year my son was born (15 1/2 years ago) my DH and I won the little lotto when we lived in Illinois. It wasn't millions but it was $91,000. Guess what we used the $$$ for...go ahead guess. BILLS :0( and repairs that was needed around our house.

  10. I'd buy a huge motor home, hire a really good driver and see every part of this fantastic country!

  11. Shannon, as they say, I'm sure "there's an ap for that".

    For me, think Dog Town...I'd buy a bunch of land and start a Best Friends Animal Sanctuary East.


  12. I'd tripple the size of my quilty room and hire a cook and housekeeper.


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