didya know?

i use google's reader to read my fair share of blogs, and i have noticed that some blogs only have the first 100 or so letters and no pictures. that means i have to actually have to go to the blog site to read the entire listed blog posting. i can't help to think what's the point of subscribing to them in the first place....plus, i couldn't imagine what that's like with a slow internet connection speed...some of those widgets in the sidebar take forever to load even with high speed....

turns out, it may be a setting choosen by the blog author. so i ask a small favor of my fellow bloggers: if you have a blog thru blogspot, double check that your site feed setting is to full.

just go to your 'customize' page , click on the settings tab, then click on site feed and choose "full" from the drop down menu.

you took the time to type out your post, i just want to read it....

thanks in advance!


  1. Hi, I checked my setting...mine was already set to Full.

  2. Thanks for the tip Shannon! From Karmen who has full site feed checked on her blog.


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