thank you for the bloggy love

i would like to say a big thank you for all the emails, calls, and thoughtful comments about granny's passing.

 to be honest, i'm doing better than i thought i would be. i don't think it's really 'hit' all does still seem dreamlike...being with my family and laughing over memories was helpful....i also reconnected with some 'lost' family and friends....

{funny story: granny had already made all her arrangements...well, at 90, she out-lived 85% of the people she listed....that made for some creative telephone calls, plus with it being between Christmas and new years, alot of people were on vacations and out of town...we finally found a preacher at the last available minute...}

i am just ready to get back to a 'normal' routine.

i am home (GA) and will be posting later about the winner of the captions (davis did pick a winner while we were in TN) and post some pictures taken while up did 'snow' while we were up there...i'd call it more of a 'dandruff' than snow....i saw on the weather channel that the ATL area had winter conditions while i was gone....

one word of advice: if you have to leave your home quickly- remember to take out the garbage. when we walked in, from the smell, i thought lucy had died.....stupid turkey bones in the trash.... i'm just saying


  1. Hi Shannon,
    Glad your home safe and sound (and got the trash out!) I've been thinking 'bout you and sending a good thought and a little prayer your way. Take care. Diane

  2. bertiequiltsJanuary 03, 2010

    I am also glad that you are back safe and sound. I have been thinking of you. It is always harder to lose a dearly loved one on a holiday. Dont ask me how I know. Just remember that my good thoughts and prayers are with you.


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