modern quilty goodness!

this is the quilt that heather made for her has matching pillowcases and even a body pillow....i'm loving the color scheme....heather's daughter is one lucky girl!

(i'm getting good at these whole 'artsy' shots, huh?)

with the busy-ness of the fabric print, it just needed an E2E so i did my signature cotton candy allover with a white thread. it adds a nice texture to the quilt....i luv texture


  1. SO pretty. WHat is the pattern? It looks simple, but very effective with the fabrics she chose?

  2. Beautiful. Any idea what line of fabric that is?

  3. You are so good!I like the colors too. The quilting is great!

  4. I am so glad to have met you last night at the Spirited Quilter's meeting. I love your work and look forward to reading your blog. (Nice quilt, by the way!)


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