these are the colors he wore when i started rooting for him....

these are the colors he wears now, and i still root for him....

*fingers crossed*
here's hoping for super bowl XLIV. i want IND vs NOL (davis is a saints fan) .....plus i think it's a "deserves it" type thing....both teams were both undefeated the longest.....

(ETA on monday: SWWEETTT!!!!!)

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  1. Here's one for ya...I just realized this when I saw your post. Opening NFL season game after the Colts were Super Bowl Champs, I happened to be staying in a downtown Indianapolis hotel. Never realized all the big men at breakfast were New Orleans players...I didn't know until that evening what was going on...I just thought everyone looked awfully tall (I'm such a ditz). I came back to the hotel after a conference to change and head to the Circle for a Faith Hill concert and other activities. When I got off the elevator...crowds were behind rope with cameras aimed at me. LOL...thought I was a celebrity or something. Turned out the Saints were heading out with me. OK...my 15 mins of fame aren't that famous, but I enjoyed it. Was a great evening...nice town, nice people, great concert.



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