i have recently uploaded all my customer quilts pictures to my flickr account. webshots just isn't doing it for me anymore...WAY too slow (and very ad heavy) plus, i think it's where i got the virus/trojan that crashed my puter *shrug*

so if your bored and like looking at quilts, you're welcome to hop over to my flickr page and browse through the pictures....

i've pretty much hit my limit on uploads for the month, so next month i'll upload my personal quilts...i'll link when that happens...


  1. Yippee...movies to watch!! I've been thinking about switching, just haven't taken the time yet.

  2. That was inspiring! Your a very talented artist. And your customers make beautiful quilts for you to work on! wow.

  3. Your quilting is out of this world! When you do your background, or filler feathers, do you stitch a spine first, or do the spine as you go? They are just so lovely.


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