birthday day

i had a great day! thanks for the birthday wish comments!

davis went to our local chinese buffet and got me a box of my most favorite cakes (anybody can go to the store and get a sheet cake) there is a lanuage barrier, davis was trying to explain the the owner what he wanted, and the owner kept pointing to them on the buffet. then our 'normal' waitress noticed davis and came over wanting to know where i was at, he explained the situatiuon to her, she explained it to the owner, and i got my cake!....they melt in your mouth like cotton candy and aren't sugar heavy....

i forgot to mention that barney's shares my birthday...he got his share of cake. lucky enjoyed a slice too....lucy turned her nose up in true feline fashion

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  1. oohh I'm hoping it's Colts and Saints too. I've been thinking this since they were both undefeated for soooo long. And since the Steelers season went into the toilet awhile back I got nothing else to go on!


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