pieceful design wall

i've been taking the time to do some piecing....

first here are my EPP (english paper piecing) blocks so far....(in my best Count voice from sesame street: "five english paper pieced stars, ah ah ah) i have a bunch basted, now for the sewing...had to take a break from them tonight...must be going to rain soon....

then this WIP. it's a pattern called Cake Mix from cozy quilt designs. it uses one layer cake and one jelly roll. i used Mill House Inn by fig tree from moda. i learned something...this is the first time i have sewn with moda precuts, and honestly, i was surprised....the layer cake squares were various sizes; from 10" square to almost 11" sq. you should of seen me...i was re-measuring and double checking my cuts cause nothing was lining up....then i was looking at that pinked edge and wondered where do i line the edge of my foot to...*shrug* it really wasn't that hard... i saw this as a sample at one of the LQS and i immediately knew what i would quilt on it if it was brought to me....can you guess???  ok, i'll give you a hint: it rhymes with 'normal weathers'   *lol*

i have another project i've been working on, but i can't show you yet...it has mitered borders and i did those today- they came out flat! and square! *flat miter dance* i can't show you....yet....but i'm going to be in a book....i'll spill the dirt when i can....pinkie swear!


  1. I haven't worked with a layer cake but recently made a quilt that used only a jelly roll for the blocks and they came out perfect. No problems at all. I'll have to measure some of the layer cakes at the shop to see if it is a widespread problem.


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  3. I used a pack of charm squares today to make a table runner. Pieces were all 4-7/8" to 5-1/4" square. I thought charm squares in a Moda pack 5". Will definitely measure each piece from here on out before cutting.


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