*fingers crossed*

click here....i'm the white reindeer....

with all the snowfall nation wide- i'm hoping for some snow....i know i'm crazy....being from the mountains of east tennessee, i miss the snow... here in ga, we get rain, and rain is ugly.... eveything gets muddy and dirty...*sigh* i looked at the weather....*grr* it's not going to get cold enough...*shrug* oh well...i'll go make a mudman....

but a girl can hope....*fingers crossed*


  1. Gee, Shannon, you have a lovely voice ! Did you get the e-mail I sent you ? Have a wonderful Christmas !! Glenda

  2. I love snow at Christmas too. Although I've always lived in Western Pa, I really think we got more snow when I was growing up. I'm hoping the 5" inches we got last night will last through the week, I white Christmas for a change would be 'sweet' (as my kids say!) Merry Christmas to you.

  3. When living in Reno for almost 20 years there were many many that weren't white, and I SO MISSED that. But now that I live once again in Snow country...I'm wondering why I left the warm and sunning valley of Reno. LOL If buck nuts cold up here, you can come and play in the snow, I'll head south......

    The high for the last three or so days has been about 15 above...and when I get up its about zero or like 1 above... Beginning to think I was nuts to leave Nevada.

  4. Very cute! I'm kind of glad it's not snowing in WA state this year in the Seattle area. We had enough of it last year. However I would love some in January!

    Laura T


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