i have the bestest santa!

davis is a good quilty santa...i recieved these two bali pops...i immedately knew what quilt they would be used in...which is....

(i'll share what else i got (it is TOO cute) in a later post)

the quilt from the cover of this book.....

(i bought this book from connecting threads (they always have really good deal on books, i never pay full retail))

so this is what i have sewn so far with the bali pops today...i have everything cut and will steal a couple minutes every once in a while to make one....

so this will be my new couch quilt....the one i have now has cotton batting, and i want one with a poly batting....for some weird reason, i have trouble getting/staying warm this winter *shrug*

(a special thank you to an elf at tiny stitches! M- thank you for helping, everything was perfect!)


  1. Davis is a great Santa and didn't need much assistance. Glad you like what we picked out.

  2. Delightful post. You also have a wonderful Santa.

    What are you planning to make with your Bali Pops? I bought some Bali Pops (my Xmas gift to myself) and now need to research to lock in which design I want to make. Have seen several, from Cozy Quilt Shop, that I love. But I'd love to hear your ideas too!


  3. bertiequiltsDecember 27, 2009

    I wish you hadn't shown the title to that book cause now I am going to have to order it cause I really like the blocks and then of course, I will have to get the Bali Pops also. All your fault!!!!


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