so, with T-minus-30 minutes of Christmas left, i thought i'd share made me feel very childish (but in a good way)

the back story:
as you may know, davis is an electrician and his job allows him to 'explore' the back roads of the greater altanta area. so coming home tonight we took the 'long' way to the interstate from his mom's house (BTW, she absolutely LOVED her new couch pillows) i made the comment that i was glad we went that way cause we got to see all the Christmas lights on the houses...well, davis asked if we could make a slight diversion on the way home....*shrug* okay...seems a local small college, Life College, puts out these huge light sculptures....for the previous six do i miss these things? they occupy the entire campus...even the little dorm area...some were animated. it was as close to a Christmas wonderland without the snow.  davis discovered this a couple weeks ago when using his GPS to go around traffic...he could see the figures, but being during the day, he couldn't see the this is one of my 'Christmas presents' from davis....enjoy the pictures...

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  1. Fabulous -Best Christmas light show I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!


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