binding yardage

i realized i haven't posted an 'easy math' for a while, i'll fix that. here are two charts for yardage needed for binding. this chart is based on 40" of usable fabric...

to use the charts measure your quilt. add the width and length together, then multiply by 2. add 20 for miters and tails (and if your like me- ooppies). take that number and find it along the top of the charts. if you want bias binding (cut on a 45 degree angle to the selvage), use the bias cutting chart, if your cutting straight grain (cutting selvage to selvage across the fabric), use that chart.

nice and easy, lemon pleasy...

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  1. Dear quilting guru,
    Yeah, so I'm dumb and still don't know what on the boas completely means. When you say on bias grain for the binding, what does this mean?
    Yours truly, Lori


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