such smart phones....

so davis got me an itouch for christmas last year. i listen to music when i quilt (it keeps the voices pacified :) )
so i have the ability to download apps for games and just for fun i searched itunes for 'quilt' and was quite surprised! i wasn't expecting to find anything...

there are quilting apps!!! one is a fabric calculator, another will calculate the size of side triangles to cut for on point quilts, and if you have the iphone- they have an app with blocks and what sizes to cut your fabric for different sized blocks....the only bad thing is that the block one- you have to have a iphone, but the two others will go on my itouch and they're FREE!!!

now- those are some very smart phones....everyday i am continually amazed with the technology we have....


  1. Thank you, Shannon......I feel a deep need to go to the ITunes store comming on!


  2. Oh wow my kids bought me an iTouch for Mothers day. I didn't know that I could access things like this. How do you download them??

  3. As soon as I sell my ULT II I'm gonna get one of the new fangled gizmos...that is SO cool.

  4. I just got a Samsun "smart" phone...I'm gonna go see if they have any quilt apps right now! I never even thought of that!!


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