apparently...'s national cat day. so i'm 'celebrating' by spotlighting lucy in a blog post.

yup, i have a cat. she's 15. i know alot of cat people say this about their cats, but lucy doesn't know she's a cat. i'll explain: i found her in a box with her litter mates. she was the only one still breathing (there was a male, but he died pretty much the instant i touched him) she was less than two weeks old. that means her eyes weren't even flash forward- she opens her eyes and sees, she really doesn't know she's a cat...

the funniest personality trait she's developed lately is that she's figured out that when my customers drop off quilts, they will pet her. now she's quite the social butterfly. whenever someone use to come the house lucy would run and hide. (when davis moved in, he knew i had a cat, but really didn't see her for about two years.) so now when you come to the house you'll be greeted by two wagging tails and a persistent purr box.

the motto in the house: if you have time to sit, you got time to pet!


  1. My cats feel the same way - even if you don't have time to sit!

  2. love the picture of the fur kids....Lucy looks a bit like my Sweetie...only mine doesn't have her tail anymore a bit my kitty...and puppy also, but I'm more of a kitty fan.


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