double take...

so i'm checking my email (it's one of those 'freebie' accounts) with the ads off to the side. well, one caught my attention...check it out....kaffe fassett napkins at crate and barrel...check out the price: $7/each....for a NAPKIN! i could buy a yard and make four for that price! i'm glad i know my way around a sewing machine....thanks granny!!!

does this mean i'm a total fabric-a-holic? i sure hope so :) do i get double points for actually having some of this fabric in my stash??

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  1. I know...I've said the same thing...Thanks Ruthie (older sister) for teaching me how to sew. I have yet to buy a napkin...make mine own, but trust me it won't be out of his fabrics. Just not for me. I'm more of a Moda Marble girl.


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