i'mmmmm bbbaacckkk! did ya miss me? i missed blogging. i'd see something, take a picture, and start writing the blog in my head then sadly remember that i had no computer *frowny face*....but no more! *smiley, happy face*

my computer is back and all files were saved! *happy pants dance* whew....thanks to the wonderful computer guru in WA! i'm learning where everything is... it's like moving into a new place and having to figure out where to put everything and then remembering where you put it in the first place....and yes- i have learned my lesson- everything is securely backed up. did that as soon as everything booted up...oh, and antibiotics have my virus in retreat, so all is well again...well, for now anyways....*sniff, cough*

so i have ALOT of pictures to share (i apologize in advance to the people who follow with google reader) but i only have time for one right now....i know, i'm teasing, but it'll be worth it...lots of quilts were finished, plus i got all the show quilts finished (thank goodness) so i'll have that as a blog post on friday....

so what could be the problem when your quilting along and all of a sudden the quilt moves??? oh, the so-not-handy-right-now quilter pup....

doesn't it look like he's saying, "what?" that gray square thing is the foot petal for my motorized advance on the LA and he thought it would make a great pillow....


  1. Shannon,

    Thanks for letting us know that you are back online. I truly hope that you are feeling better.


  2. And that is why my pups don't come into the studio!

    Glad you're back!!!

  3. That must have scared the bejeezus out of you. Maybe it was his way of saying you weren't quilting fast enough?
    Glad you are better...Virtualy and virally



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