the envelope please...

*drum roll* the winner of the red dogfood bag tote is:

(i was totally amazed that barney did this! it as totally out of the blue. i saw on that one blog giveaway that a lady let her chicken pick, so i thought i'd see if he'd do it like the chicken. surprise of surprises- he did! normal 'round here is just a setting on the dryer!)

Leslie said...
If I opened a shop with fabric and goodies it would be Shipyard Quilts because the building I'm in was the office for the ship-builders that were here until 1920.My quilting business is The Crafty Unicorn because unicorns have always been my good luck charm and "crafty" gives me more options than just quilts (but who needs more than quilts!)Love the bag by the way.

CONGRATS! leslie, if you'll email your snail address, i'll get the red dogfood bag tote in the mail.
half_square@ hotmail. com (take out the spaces!)

leslie has a neat blog: The Crafty Unicorn Quilting. you should go check it out!

also, for the non-winners, i did post the tutorial on how i made it.....but i will defiantly do another giveaway! it was fun!!

okay til next time! happy stitching....


  1. Thank You Shannon and Thank you Barney. I'm actually thinking of making some of these for our local shelter to sell as a fundraiser (if that's OK with the designer?)


  2. I'm a little disappointed that Barney didn't pick me; but I'll get over it. In the meantime, I noticed that one of our feedbags is purple and lime green--now that will make a terrific tote!

  3. Shannon I wanted to say the video of Barney picking the winning name was so darn cute! Congrats to Leslie!

    Liam from APQS forum


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