this what i bought at the show: (don't tell davis :) )

i found two books that i've been looking for. every show in the left back corner room there are two vendors- one has just about every quilt book known to man, the other is a lady with very good (reasonably priced) vintage textiles. i ALWAYS hit this vendor first. so i got the books from the guy, and the lime green fabric on the left- tha't a feed sack- $4. see what i mean....i also found some thimbles from the vintage lady- $1 each. the gold one on the end has a little girl in a swing in it and she actually i need a new display case for my thimbles. mine is offically full. the wooden spools are for a idea i have, i'll post the finished project when i'm done.

i got a felted wool pincushion (my eyeball is on it's way to CA so i needed another). some fabric. only a little cause i'm running out of places to put it. the stack of fabric is fat quarters from my favorite LQS Intown quilters. have you noticed i like lime green...see the one thimble with the flowers on it (second from the left)? well, the flowers are lime green...
i also have a bid on a silent auction item. if i win i'll share pictures of that....

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