turtle quilt

this is laura's turtle quilt. she took the 'stars around the garden' pattern and modified it to include the turtle that is painted as a mural in her son's room.

this was the LAST quilt i quilted for the show, and i'll explain why i didn't blog about it before the show (as i normally do)

#1. i was sick as a dog working on this one (the quilt didn't make me sick- i had an ear infection remember?)

#2 as pertinent to the stereotype, i put the last stitch in the label sunday night. we had to drop them off for the show monday morning. better late than never.

#3. it is an orginal design (modified) and i wanted permission before posting.

laura was a good sport about it all too. you see, she didn't get to see it finished/quilted til she walked the show floor. *laugh* thank goodness she trusts me.... :)

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  1. I really like this. Laura did a great job and, of course, so did the quilter...you!


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