quilt show #3 various pictures

i'll post more tomorrow, i'm tired! if you're in the north atlanta, GA area this weekend stop on by....i'll be floating around (still on cloud nine)

Best of Show 'metropolitan garden' hand appliqued/hand quilted baltimore garden

show floor
there's around 300 of them down there....

jan's quilt

me with alberta's

me and karen (she's a buddy) with her baskets (by the way i have quilted close to 20 of these, and i have three more in the closet) she's the only one i could get to enter one....everyone else gave theirs away [as wedding presents] *wink* maybe one of the three in the closet will be in the 2011 show...wouldn't that be a riot!


  1. I think Jan wore that gorgeous blue shawl to match that pretty ribbon. What a pretty quilt and pretty ladies, too.


  2. WOW---contrats to someone who really deserves to win. You are so very talented.

    If I ever do a quilt for a show--I am mailing it to you for the quilting.


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