nemo got tattoos...

Laura over at the AQPS forum got creative (click here) and gave her green millie 'tats'. i have blatantly copied her...sincerest form of flattery right?

having ink myself i thought that nemo needed some of his's the problem- he has a dude's name- so i can't be sticking butterflies and flowers on i was out and about looking for something totally unrelated and something 'psst'ed nemo has tattoos too! ....maybe i need to get more ink so we match. wait- that might be a bit over can love your machine, just don't luv your machine... *wink* i'm going back later to get the other 2 sheets i left. this used two sheets, one per side. i need more to 'fill' it in...

nemo is pimping now. i going to take the pink ones off....


  1. My Millennium is named Willie. Wonder how I should decorate it? LOL! Actually I should paint mine in red plaid for the shirts that my Granddaddy (Willie) used to wear.

  2. I love Nemo's "tats"!! I think I'm going to have to find some for Mel...he'll be such a stud with tattoos!!


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