by golly....frame friday #1

so, i read alot of blogs and everyone has these cute little things that they do on certain days that start with the same letter that the day does: WIP wednesday, sunday stash, fabric friday, etc. so by golly, i'm starting my very own do-something-on-a-specific-day thing.

so welcome to the inaugural "frame friday" post. every friday i will take a picture of whatever quilt i have in the frame and is currently being quilted....

so're welcome to play along. :)


  1. Shannon I really like the looks of (what I can see) the quilt on your frame. I hope you post pictures on APQS forum when your finish.


  2. Shannon if I played, you'd see the same quilt every Friday. Just Kidding!

  3. I'll play! I'll play! Oh, wait...its not Friday yet...


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