insomnia strikes AGAIN!

why does inspiration always seem to strike at midnight? am i a night owl? i guess so.

i got all the blocks finished for the tulip quilt, so i put a UFO that has stalled on my design wall to 'air out' and talk to me and decided that it would be my birds of a feather quilt (it's from blackbird designs) well in true shannon fashion, i started out following the pattern and then i didn't like this little bit, so i changed it. then i didn't like a whole block, so i redesigned it, so now i'm pretty much doing my own thing. even after sleeping on it, i'm changing couple things from what i did last we won't know what it'll end up looking like til it's done.
this was my design wall yesterday. then last night at midnight the quilt decided to talk,
and this is it today.
i was up til 3 a.m. this morning designing applique blocks...don't get me wrong, i'm NOT complaining, and in all honesty- it was SO much fun. i felt like a kid again. you know the feeling: brand new crayons and a brand new paper pad.....ah, those were the days..

i was recently chatting with a friend and i have come to realize that i am getting back in touch with MY creativity. when i worked at the quilt shop i was constantly confronted with new fabrics and new ideas every single day. i never got a 'breath of fresh air'. i was over-stimulated. now i'm at home, i can relax and concentrate on something and i'm happier cause my quilts are 'better thought out'. it feels like i'm more grounded, and everyone knows you can't open your mind when it's all bumfiggled with everyday stress, 'trash' , and someone else's ideas....

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