{evil smirk}

i LOVE it when a plan works out the way it's planned! yesterday (it's after midnite) was davis's birthday,and i must say a BIG thank you to the ladies (and gents) from the APQS and MQR chat forums for the help! my email birthday bomb for davis was a HUGE success!!! i posted on both forums that i would like everyone to send davis a birthday greeting email. well, what a response he got! he got greetings from the UK, australia, norway, finland, canada, and of course the good ole USA. i watched him smile ear to ear opening them all and reading them. i asked him when was the last time he recieved international birthday wishes? he LOVED it!

being the man he is, he sent a thank you to each and every one...quilters really are selfless.

to quote davis's reply to one nay-sayer: "there may be strange people, but no 'strangers' in the quilt world...."

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