surgery update on lucky

it is 5:00 and lucky is in his crate relaxing after his surgery. whew...what a day. i want to thank everyone for the well wishes and emails. i now concede that i was being over dramatic with the whole idea, but Lucky is my first baby to have to go through this with. not many know this- but lucky is my first pooch. i wasn't raised with dogs, so all this canine stuff is new territory for me.

his incision is horrific to say the least. i thought better of posting a picture. i will once it's more photo friendly.... he will have a scar from wee-wee to brisket (chicks dig scars right?).... thank goodness the vet isn't a student of mine- i'd make her rip it and do it over. *just kidding* he has staples instead of sutures, so in two weeks we'll go back to get those out. vet said he did great and as a bonus his blood work is perfect! yay, no future surprises down the road.

i'm just happy to have lucky back home safe and sound...and he was eager to get the heck outta there.


  1. Yay, Lucky!
    Glad it went well. Take very good care of the patient. Best wishes to him!

  2. Glad to see he is home safe and sound...and yes Chicks to dig scares.....

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2009

    Glad to hear Lucky came through his surgery ok. Here's to a speedy recovery. - Teresa

  4. Hey Lucky and Shannon,
    I am so glad to hear that Lucky is doing well! Thanks for the update and post a pic of Lucky when he is feeling better!!


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