applique fever

i don't know why, but yesterday i had applique fever. i do all my applique by hand and yesterday set to finishing up two small UFOs.
first i finished the third block for vicky's group quilt.

then i finished this large block. i have No idea what to do with it, and i can't remember what i had planned for it...maybe it would like to be a pillow. or i could put some pieced borders around it and make a wallhanging. *shrug* i dunno, but i promise to keep you up to date.

(why did i pick THAT? color scheme)

then i decided to work on my tulip blocks (again) this has to be one of my longest applique UFOs ever. i started this back in (?) 2004. the quilt has 9 of these blocks, and i have 4 done....hey- that's almost a block a year...i keep chugging along. i think what happened was i got into hand applique, then realized that i didn't have the skills learned to LA them and got fizzled out. now that i feel more confident, i'm up to finishing my applique UFOs and turning them into quilts!

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