black batik BOM

this is the quilt i finished up today. it belongs to jeanne c. and it is a BOM from a LQS. it measures 96 x 100. i used two thread colors: black and tye dye punch. i did my doodlebuggn' filler in the black and feathered the outer border and the space around the center block. i CCed the pieced blocks. the doodlebuggn' filler was fun to do (it's still 'new'), it took 20 hours (over 4 days) to quilt this so i think i'll save this filler for show customs. and this quilt used a whopping 21 bobbins!!

remember if you want to see the photo at 'full size' to get a look at the detail, (ignore the chalk lines) click the photo, then hit the 'back button' on your browser bar to come back here. (i'm trying to figure out how to make it open in a new window, if it will let me)


  1. Shannon

    very impressive quilting. love the doodlebugging design in the black. So glad that Lucky's surgery went well also.

  2. I know where that quilt came from! I love your quilting--very beautiful, Shannon!!

  3. I love the Doodlebugging, but I assumed it would take a lot of time. But, it's beautiful! Wonderful quilting!

  4. Shannon,
    Had to click over here from APQS forum to see the close-ups. Very beautiful. Love the 'rays' around the center and of course the 'doodlebugging' filler.

  5. love the quilt and the quilting...sure wish I could have made that quilt.

  6. You did a fabulous job. I just love the quilting, it adds so much to the quilt itself.


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