lucky's week later update

ok, so we rushed to the vet friday afternoon. he seemed to have developed a red 'halo' around his incision and from what i remembered that means infection- so i called the vet they said to bring him in, so we did. turns out it was a false alarm- all normal, just some bruising. so that's that...

the swelling is pretty much gone. i still deem it un-photo friendly. his fur is starting to grow back in, so he's all itchy. he's figured out that i'll rub his stomach if he comes over, waits til i notice him, then rolls over and does this 'whine' thing. you know for however well trained you think you have your dog, he/she has you trained better.

he does seem to realize it's gone. i've noticed he runs more...(i call out 'run, forrest, run. i can't help it :) ) he seems to have passed the pain part- he seems to be back to his peppy self. next tues (the 23rd) we go to the vet to have the staples taken out.


  1. Glad to hear all went okay...and its better to be safe than sorry when you aren't sure of infections. Poor critters, God should have given them a voice that we can understand...sometimes us human parents just think we know what they are saying, and its not that at all.

    But he does have you trained to itch his he isn't so stupid after all. LOL

  2. Lucky is so freakin' cute. Not as cute as my Hank, but he's a close second!! I'm glad he's doing better and feeling like his old self. Hey, scratching his tummy should be a breeze. My two girls, Emma & Kate, demand that they get their bellies scratched all the time by pushing their 800+ lb bodies in my face so I'll notice!

  3. Glad to hear Lucky is doing so good! He is such a pretty boy!!


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