reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose!

in this new 'green' age, i'm find myself looking at everyday objects wondering how i could reuse or repurpose something to keep from throwing it in a landfill.
i've had these jars for quite a while. i found them in a recycling bin outside a bar while i was in college (i only got two, because i have two hands and my friend wouldn't carry one for me). i just like their shapes. one was my change jar for years! the other just keep it company. then i started quilting 'full time' and i was saving all my scraps of batiks not knowing what to do with them. so i saw these jars sitting empty, so i started stuffing my batik scraps in them. i thought they made nice avant garde art pieces. flash forward couple years and i was at home depot looking around (one of my thinking-outside-the-box excursions) and i saw they have "bottle lamp kits" i immediately thought of my fabric jars. i bought two kits and came home and this is what happened. and with energy efficient fluorescent bulbs, they truly are 'eco-friendly'.

word of advice, if you plan to do this- keep the lid of the bottle. it'll make it easier- trust me! did you know they make a kit to make lamps out of mason jars??? i've got an idea for that as well....

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  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2009

    Shannon....Really neat! Yes, I have mason jar lamps! I have one in my quilting room that is full of old buttons. I have 2 others that I get out during winter, that have those little pine cones in it, and another that I put a small snowman in. (I glued him on his bottom so he wouldn't fall down and then put some of that fake snow in it) There's lots of stuff to do with those! LOVE it! lindasewsit (apqschat)


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