lucky is my oldest dog, 10years old, and will be having surgery on tues (next) to remove a fat filled cyst from his belly. the odds of him reacting badly to the anesthesia is pretty high due to his age. needless to say, i'm a nervous mom right now.

so i know this might sound odd to some- but keep him in your thoughts, send warm and fuzzy vibes.....he's my bestest four legged friend.

look at that face, how could you say no? (i've grown an immunity to it)


  1. Shannon

    the risk of anthesia is high with older dogs, but the health benefits of having the surgery done outweigh the risks. My dog had to have the same thing done as the tumor was beginnning to grow around her muscles and she had enough trouble with arthritis already. so we did the surgery and she lived another 5 or more years till she was 16. I did elect not to do anymore teeth cleaning procedures though. that to me wasnt worth the risk. I am sure Lucky will live up to her name as she is Lucky to have you as her Mom Jeanne

  2. Lucky does not look his age, and appears very healthy. I will keep you and Lucky in my thoughts and prayers. What a beautiful friend!

  3. From one "mom" to another, it is not odd - I have two "angels" of my own and love them with all my heart - one aged 10 and one aged 3 - we can never worry too much.... happy thoughts are on the way for Lucky to have a speedy and successful procedure...

  4. Sending good thoughts Lucky's way. Our old lab had surgery when she was 12 and she came out of it fine. Positive thinking is a wonderful thing.

    Cuddles to Lucky!

  5. My Lanie was 14 or so and doing great. she had a tumor removed from her side. She was a spaz and tore it open but the anesthesia was no big deal. They've come a long way in medical science for pets. One thing that really helped her was when i put a t-shirt on her. I had about 6 to choose from and would change them regularly. That way she didn;t have to wear the cone when i was around but if she tried to sneak a lick or two it didn't do any damage. Best of luck!


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