reading spam has it's benefits

i admit, i read my spam emails. i have found out some interesting things by doing it. today i was reading my local bookstore's 'newsletter' and i something caught my eye just as i was about to hit delete (no coupon). dan brown has a new book coming out in september (the 15th). YEAH! dan brown wrote 'the da vinci code' and 'angels and demons'. (i have seen the movie- it was spectacular, totally worth $10) the new book is 'the lost symbol' and he has brought back robert langdon (tom hank's character). i found this description:

Description: Da Vinci protagonist Robert Langdon is back, smack in the middle of another historico-religious thriller-with events compressed into 12 hours.

i know, such a vague tease! i can't wait! i was suspicious that he'd write more books following the popularity of 'da vinci code". (can you blame him?) i've read all four of his books, and after reading 'angels and demons' i told davis that it would make one helluva movie. the other two, 'deception point' and 'digital fortress', we're also hard to put down once i started.

just thought i'd share...

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