happy dance!!

there is a quilting design that i've seen numerous times that i've been trying to figure out and PPP so i can quilt it too. it's a great 3" wide or smaller border/sashing idea.

well *happy dance*, i FINALLY figured it out. YEAH! see the problem i was having is i make my feathers 'from the bottom up' and in this design you have to do the feather from top down. i'm currently using this on a quilt that's in the frame now- you can't see it (on purpose) and now i'm wishing you could see it. it's pretty quilted! i can't wait to do this in a double border and mirror image it. the secondary pattern will rock!

moral- sometimes YOU have to change to make things work out.
(all i needed to know about life i learned from quilting :) )


  1. I love this one too. Saw it on a post at the APQS chat a few months ago and tried it. The post had instructions on how to do it from the top down so i guess you missed that one. Glad you were persistant and figured it out!!

  2. Hey, I really like this.
    I've got a quilt...


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