thinking outside the box

okay, so i've been on the look out for curtains for above the kitchen sink. i knew i wanted something retro looking with a contemporary flair.

so me and davis went to the dollar store last night (i LOVE the dollar store) and they had these really cool looking tea towels. now i'm not a tea towel fan, they tend to be wussy at absorbing water, so i appreciated them and walked on down the aisle.

so this afternoon i'm standing at the machine quilting and had a lightbulb moment- i immediately put on shoes and was out the door.

so what can you do with 3 tea towels? make curtains for the kitchen. get this- including the price of the tension rod- it cost me under $5! it took me longer to clean the sink for the photo than it did to actually sew them. if you were to buy something like this at ikea or pottery barn, you'd probably spend close to $20-$25 dollars.

here's what i did. i ironed them, cutting off the top hem. on the wrong side i marked a line 3 1/4" down (measure your rod) for the rod pocket using an air erasable pen. i folded over the top cut edge lining up to my marked line and stitched it down using a 1/4" seam allowance. yup- that easy! martha stewart eat your heart out!


  1. Now aren't you cleaver.....Fish won't go in my house and I don't have a tiny window like this, but HMMMM wondering what I can find at mine to do the....say bathroom.

    Great idea.

  2. Shannon, these are too cute. Love what you did--great idea.

  3. TOO CUTE!!!


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