not just for beds anymore...

this is a chair upholstered with quilts made by Julie B. this happened back at the beginning of the year, but i've had the same quilt on the frame all week now (you'll see it i promise!) and i wanted something to blog about, so i went thru my photos and found this. an oldie, but goodie. this photo was destined to be on my website, but this is a better home!

she told me that she looked for a long time for already made quilts to cover it in, but couldn't find any in the colors of her living room, so she made ones. how cool is that!

it took me three days to quilt all the pieces. if i remember there were 5 total. the gusset of the ottoman, i remember this one- was 8" tall by 118" wide. yup. it reads "home sweet home"
now i need to find me a 'comfy' chair and cover it with quilts...: )

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  1. I love this--what a cool idea! Who woulda ever thought of that! Gotta find me a chair now, too!!


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