hall county raffle quilt

well, here it is! it's done, and i must admit for all the bad words i uttered while quilting it and all the stitches i frogged at the beginning- it came out spectacular!

it is the raffle quilt for the hall county quilt guild (link here ) in northeastern GA. it was designed by Deb Karasik and i was told that it would not be published. (a link to her website here ) so if you want to buy tickets, i'll post as soon as i found out all the contact info. but don't buy too many :) i want my chances to remain good!

it took me 17 1/2 hours to quilt it. it measures 85 inches square. i quilted it all freemotion, except where i SIDed, where i used a ruler. the quilt is all batiks, with Warm and natural batting.

if i can say so, and i mean this in the humblest way: when i got it off the frame and hung it on the wall, i stepped back and was like "wow, i did that!" the quilt itself is a feat of piecing engineering, and i feel like i just enhanced the beauty that was already there. i swear, it's why i love what i do SO much!

(if you click on the pictures, it'll open up a bigger picture, then hit the back button on your browser to come back here)


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  2. Shannon, this is amazing. I love it--the piecing is unbelievable and of course the quilting is spectacular!
    Great job!


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