King Tut

me and davis went to the King Tut exhibit last weekend (i've been blog lazy) it was really nice! i have always held a fascination of ancient Egypt's art and culture. ever since high school art history with Mrs. Grogg.

i couldn't help but to think that i was standing in front of objects/art that was created so long ago that my family tree was still thinking about being a seed and before Jesus walked the earth. i mean imagine- i stood in front of a statue that was over 3,000 years old. how often in life do you get that opportunity? here's a link to the exhibit's website: here

plus, king tut was not know historically for his reign as Pharaoh of Egypt. he is famous for a more modern reason: his tomb was and is the most complete ever found in the valley of the kings! it hadn't been touched by tomb robbers. it was totally fascinating! also, they also had objects from his tomb itself. the jewelry was fascinating! the detail the artisan's work was amazing! especially since they didn't have the technology we have today. it was BEAUTIFUL. i asked davis what he thought and i liked his response: "everything we saw is one of a kind. there is nothing else like it and never will be. i now understnad the true meaning of priceless. if you stole it, you couldn't sell it, cause they would immediately know you were the one who took it in the first place." that's my davis. :)

we then drove down peachtree street to see the Anubis statue that 'guards' the Pharaoh's treasures. that was pretty impressive!

all in all it was a GREAT day. if you have the opportunity to live close to a city that will host this exhibit, make the trip. i bet you won't be sorry.

now i just have to talk him into going to see the Bodies exhibit....that's been a toughie. :)

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