melon quilt

this quilt belongs to amanda s., and it was made as a sample for a class she is teaching. i love this quilt. ever had a quilt that you wish you could keep? this would be one of mine. i LOVE all the large scale fabrics. i also like the hodgepodge of patterns and colors. if you saw these fabrics just laid out as yardage you'd probably think, "okay, how are they going to make that work?" but it's gorgeous to me. i also love the outer border fabric. the little lace dollies remind me of the flowering weed queen anne's lace.

the quilt measures 67 x 85" and i did a custom quilting design on it. i like how the design in the 'melon' came out. i'm going to call it a double ribbon candy.

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  1. Shannon, I love this quilt. I think its the class I'm considering taking at Little Quilts. Great quilting job.


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