t-shirt quilt

here's one of the quilts i quilted yesterday. the other was a toddler quilt, and i forgot to snap pics before she picked it up.

it's a t-shirt quilt, and i quilted it with what i call a "peacock" E2E. it's a design i use as a filler in a much smaller proportion for backgrounds of applique. i've never really done it as an all over on a quilt of substantial size. i forgot how pretty it was. i have a pink and brown sampler that i decided is getting this.

on another note- this is the only graduation quilt i got this year. i guess my customers' kids/grandkids all graduated the last two years. i had something like 30 to quilt one year. *shrug* i'll wait 4 more years and i'll be getting some again :) now that i think about it- nobody that i know, knows anybody getting married. i didn't get any wedding quilts either. but, the east cobb quilt guild show is this September, so i have ALOT of show quilts....guess it's like anything- it'll all average out, and i'm NOT complaining :)

i need to get busy quilting!

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