busy little bee today!

my machine has been buzzing! first i finished up a block swap that i'm doing over at the APQS chat. the theme was fall colors with either a black or cream background, i chose black, makes the colors pop. plus, i have an idea for the quilting in that black....

those little green/yellow 4patches are 2" finished!! that's right- i'm crazy enough to piece 1 inch squares. (actually i strip pieced them, but hey that's still not easy) but they are pretty and i can't wait to see what i get in the mail....i'm calling it "harvest star"

then i worked on a group quilt block (i know i made two) for a friend from january. i'm still working on the applique one. ok, that makes three....well, she gave me enough fabric....the blue is the shop hop batik from 2006. it's a dogwood and was only produced for the atlanta shop hop with the promise that it would not be mass produced. so it's a batik that only atlanta-ians have! i was promised that i'll get to quilt it, so that'll be a future post one day.

then i made a block for Bonnie to complete a set of 30s swap for her....30's reproductions are impossible to photo for true-to-color....even after re-touching....

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