great things start with an idea

i read about this idea somewhere, and i was looking at it on my phone and now i can't remember where i found it. i've googled it and can't find anything on the web about it *shrug* hell, probably don't remember it right anyway....
i want to make a Stone Pot quilt.

it's a friendship type quilt where i kindly ask you to mail me one or more 5" cut squares (charm squares). Send me an email (half_square at hotmail dot com) with "STONE POT QUILT" as the subject and i'll send you my addie. One square shouldn't take more than one stamp.  ANY fabric...that's what this is about- i will use every square! no matter what the color/design/print. I do ask that they are 100% quilting cotton tho.  THANKS!!


  1. Shannon, How can I participate? Where should I send the fabric?

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