moving into the house in the winter has made watching the yard come alive such fun!! not knowing what buds will lead to what and learning all the names of all the plants- it's been a learning experience.

i've been watching some lilies behind the AC unit since early spring. i thought they were common Easter lilies that didn't bloom for what ever reason....then i noticed blooms forming and have been checking everyday when i walk the dogs to see what surprise is next...

holy cow!!!

one of the few flowers i actually recognize and know!!

the blooms are as big as my hand!

and they smell amazing!

look at all the buds on that back stalk- more than 20!!

i take no credit on their cultivation- they came with the house :)

i can't wait til fall....i have a list of flowers i want to add to the collection!



  1. Gardening is such fun and it's possible to get almost obsessed with it as quilting. Hard to believe, I know. Be careful, I think Lily pollen stains.

  2. I love Stargazers! Such a beautiful flower and the smell is divine. What a great new home surprise!

  3. I love some Stargazers and planted some, but they went wild and now they're orange. yours are beautiful.

  4. What fun!!!! I love the Stargazer lilies too. You have so many buds.

  5. Lucky you! My favorite flower. I tried to plant some, but have had no luck. Yes, the pollen does stain, I've had lots in my house

  6. That would be fun, beautiful flowers!

  7. I know those as tiger lilies. Have never had much luck growing them, so beware of the green finger taking over the quilting.


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