Abandoned stash

last night was the second month i went to my new guild's meeting and i got there REALLY early...

see, the newsletter mentioned that a member was moving and donated her unwanted stash to the guild for $5 a pound!!

so wanna see what i scored??

(no far asking how many pounds i ended up with...i'm not telling)

check out these cool asian prints. alot look like kimono prints, which i like much better than 'today's' modern asian interpretations...
these 4 are my favorites

(fabric isn't like children- you can admit to having favorites *snicker snort*)

i also found this blue print. it's not cut, that the width of it- 4 yards and the little indigo scraps to go with it.

When Christie went to Japan, she brought me back some nice indigo type fabrics along with 3 panels, so these will live with those fabrics in the same quilt..i'll share that later

i found some nice 'vintage' batiks

check out the whales!!
and a sword/sail/marlin? fish

a couple of shiny metallic dutch wax prints *score*

some cool 80s blenders

i noticed ALOT of older Jenny Beyer fabrics. i grabbed the jeweled tones and blacks...

these striped paper cut looking fabrics...i liked the camel. the grey/red on the left was not wanting to photograph well at all...

these older metallic hoffman prints...

the third one from the left will fit in nicely in my Madri Gras quilt...
a cute litte calico christmas print

this print has the pebbles along the selvage with a 1994 copyright in the selvage

i found some solid blues. i plan on pairing these with some blue Fassett shot cottons and making the railfence quilt from denise schmidts 'modern quilting' book

i thought these 'printed' batiks were fun!

and finally some more random pickings...

it was fun pawing thru all the piles of fabric...and i promise to give it all a good home!



  1. You did score. You got some nice stuff and it sounds like a very reasonable price!

  2. Wow....great assortment. Love those older hoffman prints!

  3. boy, you sure did score... have fun

  4. What an amazing haul! I wonder what she kept?

  5. You got gorgeous stuff,Have fun playing with them!!

  6. Awesome! Find it so fun to run across a "good deal" sale on fabric.
    Do you have an idea of how much yardage weighs a pound? Curiosity you know.
    Sounds like you have plans for some and will be looking to see what you make.

  7. What wonderful fabrics you brought home! This should be a prompt for me to get busy and use mine--but I have so many more ideas than time!

  8. Great haul...wonderful fun!

  9. Ha, ha... I'm seeing some prints there that were once-upon-a-time in my stash too! I'm happy for you to have found what you want.

  10. Lucky you! I'm sure you needed this fabric, so no one needs to know how many lbs. :)


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