quilt eye candy

 i found some pictures of quilts that went home back in october....and yall were such good sports with the buck picture...

kathy's two fan quilts.

i quilted them using the same motifs, just changing the thread color to match the outer borders.

madeline's quilt

i like her fabric choices for this quilt. i made notes and might borrow this design for a future batik quilt

madeline's other little quilt

it's a embroidered BOM. i admit, that log cabin setting took some thinking...i was trying to fit all sorts of complicated stuff in there (feathers) but it all competed too much with the embroideries. turns out the K.I.S.S. theory provided the answer.

i am learning that sometimes the 'simple' design is the best. everything doesn't need to be feathered to death...
jean's flower quilt

all those pieces!

denise's baby quilt

she wanted blue thread on that brown, and i was a bit scared that she might not like it

but she did *whew*

roxanne's mexican star quilt

i really liked this one, it's right up my alley with the bright colors and batiks

that's all for now....

keep on stitchin'


  1. good idea with the log cabin. i love squiggly lines! and the blue thread was a must. it looks fabulous

  2. Oh my! Where do get your inspiration from? These quilts have the most amazing quilting on them.
    Just beautiful :D

  3. Yeah, those blue "eggs" are really kinda cool. Mesmerized me for a moment. :)

  4. Isn't it great how you can show such a variety of quilts in all different styles and colours and they are all so wonderful and beautiful!! The blue on the brown is brilliant, I thought it was a pattern on the fabric.


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