hey yall

i'm bacccckkkkk, did you miss me?? i missed you guys! honestly, the break was much enjoyed and needed. Davis made it safely back to Afghan, and now i'm working on getting back to a 'normal' routine...

i mentioned that i hadn't blogged before cause nothing interesting was happening....well, Novemeber has changed all that....let's see-

i meet my grandkids for the first time...now i see what all the fuss is about *grin*
there's Emmalin, the youngest
check out Davis and his goatee
Liam, the middle one
we went for a walk in the fields, and he would not let go of my pinky finger *heart melt*
and Kyra, the oldest and my newest little buddy :)
i took her to meet Hanna for the first time

i finished the wedding quilt the other night. it's is officially a quilt. thanks again to all who participated.

with no flash showing some of the marvelous quilting

most of my time with davis was spent hunting...  we both have had dreams to hunt the entire month of November (the rut) and we finally got the opportunity....

i was fortunate enough to put some meat in the freezer!! i shot a big bodied 8pointer the Friday before thanksgiving. 17 inch inside spread- 140 yard shot. meat's already in the freezer and i can't wait to throw the roast in the crock pot!!! if you want to see more pictures, check out my facebook album here. the last buck i shot was back in 2005!

i like this picture. i call it "Little Truck, Big Buck"

oh and the big news- we bought a house.....our dream home!! we had a 'home' checklist, and it hits everything on our lists except one (little) thing- it's all electric. i'll have to learn to cook on an electric stove...

it's in Sharpsburg, so we will be moving to the other side of ATL.

so we're in the process and hopefully will close just after christmas *merry christmas to us*

so that's what i did during my Thanksgiving holiday.


  1. Cute grandbabies. Miss Emmalin looks like she's taking in the world. Lovely quilt. Great meat supply for the freezer. Congratulations on the kill. Wow! Wonderful house. Isn't it wonderful when dreams come true?!?

  2. Darling house, Shannon! You must be so very excited! Do keep us posted about the wonderful sewing/quilting room you will surely have. And those grandchildren... your first meeting? So these are grandies by marriage? How fun for you. I bet your time with them was quite an experience. I hope you get to enjoy them at Christmas too.

  3. You've been a busy Doodlebug.
    Great looking house...how exciting!
    Cute grandbabies....
    I will refrain from comment on the dead animal.
    Congrats on all of it!

    Glad to see you back -
    I've missed ya!

  4. Wow, what a life change....beautiful babies and are you kidding me, that's a beautiful house, wow!

    Food in the freezer, lovely family and a new home.....Congratulations and roll on 2013!

  5. Big Buck, indeed. It sounds like you enjoyed an amazing November. Congratulations on the new home and the finished quilt.

  6. Oh you are so lucky to have those grandbabies....

    Love your new home, show us the inside (please)

  7. Welcome Back!!!!
    Your house looks fantastic I suppose your studio will look fabulous.
    Grandkiddlies are the best, enjoy them every opportunity you get.
    Hunting not up my alley, but the buck looks good.

  8. congrats on the house... but it is a ways away from me.... oh, well,,,,congrats anyway'

  9. great job on the buck Shannon!!!! Wohoo! I am so jealous! I didn't even get a shot (hunting with bow) on our trip last week, and now I've pinched a nerve or muscle in my right shoulder and I think I'll be out of commission the rest of hunting season. I can lift my arm forward/up, but if I try to raise it out/up, it re-pinches and is horribly painful. I am almost ready to strap my arm to my body to keep myself from re-injuring it so the swelling will go down! Anyhow, congrats on the meat in the freezer!

  10. You were missed! Congrats on grannyhood, the perfect shot and the new house! lots going on at casa shannon!

  11. Looks like a wonderful November and with a new house December looks even better. New gradbabies and food ready and waiting in the freezer. Life looks good for you and yours. Just a small hint (at least for me) electric cooking sucks and that is as polite as I can make that. If I were you I would change that to gas as soon as possible.


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