'old' dog- new trick

even after LAing for almost 8 years, i'm still learning new things...other LAers will appreciate this story:

i have a BAQ (big a$$ quilt) in the queue- 124" square....i was called and asked if i could quilt one that big. i did some quick measurements (i have a 12foot frame) and was, "Suuuuure i can- bring it on over" i knew it would fill my frame, but it will fit.....famous last words....

it's turn came up, and i took the better half of a morning loading it into my frame...it took some creativity- the leaders weren't quite long enuf, so i had to tape the excess fabric to the rollers (you would think that at that point i would of caught on) i had to turn my clamps around and pin the end of the elastic to the backer- no room between the fabric edge and the frame for the clamps themselves (once again- should've caught on) i make bobbins and i'm ready to start stitching. i pull Nemo over to bast the edge down and *eeeerk* my machine hits something. i assume that i'm bumping into something left lying on the table. nope- mmmm? see where this is going??....

my handle/thread platform was hitting the end of my frame and i couldn't get the needle all the way to the edge of the quilt *insert various curse words here*

i need the platform, not the handle...so off to Home Depot i go to redneck something together to carry the thread, but lose the handle....i don't quilt from the back anyway, so it can go permanently if needed. after explaining what i was trying to achieve to numerous store employees, who i quickly realize, have NO imagination, my lightbulb goes off...
davis's dad is a tinker who can wield!! i completely forgot that i got a whole nother family in the marriage deal *grin* he once built an entire motorcycle trailer out of discarded handrails, this will be a cinch! a quick call and i was set. i drove down, bought him lunch, and *wha-la* exactly what i needed- a thread platform sans handle!! he even painted it gray to match *sweet*

now i can get the machine as far over as i needed to be able to quilt that last little inch...

a girl will do anything for an extra inch :)

moral- everything has limits. i now know the maximum size quilt that my frame will can quilt.


  1. Thank goodness for creative minds!!!! It looks like a pretty quilt too.

  2. Well, thought it wasn't going to happen but you are 'such a smart _ss'!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Yay for awesome in-laws!

  4. that is a HUUUUGE quilt! I bet it weighs a TON!

  5. I have the Hartley vertical spool holder at the front of my machine, so I don't need to go to the back to change threads. I could easily take my handles off and not worry about it. Glad you found a fix

  6. Oh, that is so funny!! I can totally relate to your story. My BAQ just fit though, so no fancy metalwork for me. Happy Quilting...

  7. Ingenious! Come do or die you were going to make it work, weren't you? lol CindyT

  8. When there is a will.........


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