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Funny Farm by Fabri-Quilt
every once in a while i come across a fabric i love. can't explain it, but i do.

i'm not a 'cow' person, but these cows made me smile. now while the fabric would not harmoniously live in my stash or fit into my design style, i had to have this particular cow fabric.

my favorite is the expression on the cow with the bell.....

so what do i do with such found lovelies?? i make pillowcases with them....i can have a chunk of my very own forever- i even found the perfect cuff fabric in the clearence bin.

maybe cause it reminded me of the uber expensive Marimekko cow panel i had to pass on in paris???


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  2. Those cows made me smile!! It's funny how you just have to have some fabrics. The Marimekko cow print is great too. I grew up in a house with Marimekko curtains in every room, I sometimes wonder what happened to them.

  3. I like this one better than the Marimekko!

  4. being a farm gal, I LOVE this!


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