S.E.X. Y

i had SEX again- Stash Expansion eXperience....what?? oh, get your mind out of the gutter!! this is a PG quilty blog...or at least, it tries to be.

first up, believe it or not, i finally won a RNG giveaway over at Flourishing Palms by Linda. and get this- i was the FIRST, numbero uno, commenter. she asked if i had the money, what one thing would i add to my sewing room....my answer was quick and simple- a bathroom :)

i won a $25 gift certificate from Pink Castle and decided to keep the 'giveaway' aspect, so i chose to get 3 groups of random picked fat eights. i really like the ones i got...how fun it was to open that squishy!

thanks Linda and the RNG generator!!

then my LQS is celebrating it's 20th birthday and had 20 fat quarters for $20....needless to say i stocked up!

i hit the batiks first,

then hit the regular ones to round my group up to 40...
remember the moth fabric   *severe fabric crush*

i found a fabric to use as the cuff for my pillowcases- the blue on the left...and i found a great green to use for binding on the quilt...
then i found these two fabrics from the "Mama said Sew" group...i have a quilting themed print from the late 90s that these will live happily with (i used some of it to make this little pouch last year)
and i found an online store that had the Signature Thread's Frosted Donuts on sale, so i bought them too...

now, if you'll excuse me- i have some sewing to do


  1. Love all your fabric picks! You have excellent taste. Ha, ha. A few of yours are in my stash too! I'm so happy you won the giveaway, and that you found such bargains to boot. What a great SEX!

  2. All of that would fit nicely in my sewing room if you run out of space! Congratulations on the win!

  3. It worked...I had to check out your sex posting! HA! I might have to use that one sometime. I love those donuts...sew perfect.

  4. Ohh look at all those gorgeous piles of colour!! You have fabrics for every occasion!!

  5. I think you're on a roll...you should play the lottery! You're lucky if your LQS had batik FQ's for the same sale price as it's never been the case where I've been to sales. Beautiful fabric choices!! CindyT

  6. Congrats on your wonderful win and wow, what beautiful fabrics you got on sale!! Great donuts, I must have missed that sale!

  7. Wow - and I always thought the term "squishy" had negative connotations! Squishy IS beautiful. LOVE LOVE LOVE the batiks. Good for you.


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