quilt done, fabric, and patience

i finished up Melanie's blue and white jewel box quilt and she came and fetched it saturday.

so classic and pretty.

it will live on her daughter's bed.
i quilted my signature E2E, cotton candy, in white thread.

remember this fabric? my order came!!  I LOVE IT!!!

how do you know you have a fabric addiction 'problem'?? when you order your fabric and realize at checkout you received a BULK DISCOUNT cause you ordered so much....*blush* oh, who am i kidding....i'm not embarrassed one bit!!

holy cow! i did find an online shop that posted it with a tape measure underneath it for scale, but i was expecting moths 3 inches across. they are almost 8 inches across.....that's my 45mm rotary cutter! the picture shows just about a 22" x 36" section!!

and there's my hand!!

i don't plan on cutting it up, and was gonna use it for a backing (i like it way too much to hide it on the back of something). i think i might pair it with something else and make a 'wholecloth' quilt with it. i think i have enough to match the pattern across the seam, but we'll see...

*crap*  if i do that then i need some more yardage for pillowcases...it's a never ending vicious cycle *snicker*

"Are you done yet?"" 

this is my little gentleman patiently waiting for me to do my thing, so i can do whatever he's expecting me to do after i get done....

he's been sick lately. allergies turned into some nasty infections. see the pink spot on the bridge of his nose, just behind his sniffer? that was a nasty little scabby boo-boo. steroids were part of the prescription and i feel like i'm housebreaking a puppy....we go outside almost every hour or two.

i now know what will wake me out of a dead sleep at 3am...the sound of pee on carpet. poor guy! 

but he's feeling better....


  1. Oh wow that is gorgeous. Yes, I can imagine it took patience. But, well worth it. Lovely.

  2. It really is pretty fabric! And yes, it's amazing how the sound of pee on carpet can wake you from a sound sleep! My litle pup was also on steroids for some time before she passed away.

  3. Love the blue & white quilt. It will be beautiful on the bed.

  4. With two fur babes I would not know where we would be with out our doggy door :o) So sorry your gentleman was having a hard time.
    Fabric addiction... Nah. Savy shopper... Absolutely.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. I feel bad for your pup. Steroids are an awful necessity.

  6. Such a precious face - boo boo included!
    That blue quit.... nothing short of spectacular.
    Ahh the patience, the cutting, the patience, the stitching, the patience.... it must have taken to create such a beauty. I, myself, don't have the patience to painstakingly piece a quilt of such detail. I admire that.


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