i was cruising thru my blog list this morning and was looking at all the RW&B quilts people were posting for Memorial Day and wished i had one to post

*face slap*

I DO!!

 i finished the binding on my 'Salute' quilt a couple of weeks ago!

i made it with two RW&B jelly rolls from Keepsake Quilting and used their freebie pattern 'Basket Weave.' i did add a few strips from stash (and i bought some red) to help bump up the block count.

it will hang at the top of the stairs for July...


  1. Pretty RWB quilt. I have one cut out, but need to get it put together.

  2. Love this, very patriotic looking and so 4th of July, just need the watermelon and fireworks.

  3. so simple but effective. I need to find my rw&b quilts. hmmmm


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