tiptoe thru the tulips

i finished up kathy's tulip quilt and she picked it up, so i can share pictures!
i did the design i doodled from this post in the tulips, a simple meander with cream thread in the background. another signature design is my 'pearls' in skinny sashings/borders.
i quilted my favorite, feathers, in the purple setting triangles with a burgundy thread.

ribbon candy in the wide inner border with matching thread.

the outer border was extra wide and a busy print, so i quilted a dense loopy meander.

she sent me a picture of it on her bed...pretty, huh?

it's nice to get forever home shots of quilts.

(i did not quilt the flower quilt hanging on the quilt rack, but i did quilt the one on the chest at the foot of the bed)

today is Lucky's 13th birthday! that's close to 90 in dog years :)

we're past his warranty, so every extra day is a gift. he is slowing down. i've noticed he doesn't jump on the bed to sleep anymore....just stays on his beds on the floor. and there's the hip troubles....*sigh*

happy birthday big'un!


  1. Happy Birthday, Lucky!

  2. Happy Birthday Lucky! I remember when my Michael stopped jumping on the bed to sleep. It's hard seeing them get older. Enjoy every day you have with him and give him lots of hugs and love!

  3. Beautiful quilt and quilting! How nice she sent you a picture. Happy birthday to Lucky. When my Lily got so she couldn't jump on the bed any longer, I had some stairs made for her and she used them till the end. Poor dears!

  4. Lovely quilt made more beautiful by outstanding quilting! And how nice to be able to see a finished quilt in its forever home!

    Happy birthday, Lucky!

  5. Happy Lucky 13 Birthday, Lucky! Lucky found his forever home with you, Shannon, while the customer's quilts you so beautifully quilt find their forever homes, too. CindyT

  6. Happy Birthday Lucky!!! Beautiful quilt and amazing quilting !!!

  7. Happy Lucky 13 Birthday to Lucky! Love the quilting, turned out gorgeous as I knew it would. ;-)


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